My Gallery Selections

The photographic images in my gallery are a selection of my fun and challenging captures representing a collection of fine art photographs, primarily landscapes, and others, manipulated as artistic creations from my mind’s eye.

My work originally began with images focusing on Southwest- landscapes, then expanded to other parts of the country, and later to other countries. It is, and has been, a wonderful adventure and the journey of discovery continues as new ideas emerge and other photographic opportunities open.

I enjoy the photographic process. It begins with loading the equipment into the car and driving to the location. Along the way, other sites may appear requiring investigation, sometimes leading to a successful image and other times just a ride into the wilderness, but still fun. Each adventure teaches and expands the imagination and for me is an enjoyable, passionate and exciting experience.

There is something about being in a place alone and deserted, sensing your surroundings, feeling the energy and spirit of your location, and sharing the space with the wind and the creatures around you. This environment awakens the senses and I attempt to infuse my feelings into the finished image.

Each image requires patience and at times a good deal of luck. You must wait for the light to be right, the angle and position must be correct and the camera settings must be set. As you release the shutter and view the image on the camera screen you see the results of your effort and reward yourself with a knowing smile and a little voice inside telling you, “you got it".

Following the image capture, the editing and creative element of the process begins. Images are downloaded from the camera and workable images are assembled for correction and adjustments. These images are saved to memory and now I wait.

Returning in a few days, I again review the images continuing the fine- tuning process and begin to finalize the images. I will work on the print creating the final or rather semifinal print. I say that because the image becomes a living thing and is subject to alteration as my awareness and vision expands and my creative sense takes a new direction.

My appreciation for our environment grows as I am awed by the explosion of color and diversity nature presents. Reviewing the printed image, I admire the opportunities nature offers and prepare for my next journey capturing “mother nature” when she is not looking.

My Gallery will continue to expand and I invite you to visit this site to view and enjoy my new additions.