Southwest Images Etc… is a new enterprise I started in 2005. I was born and raised in the Northeast. I migrated with my wife Sandra to Cave Creek from Massachusetts in 1996 following a successful 32 year business career in Sales and Marketing. The last 28 years was with Polaroid Corporation where I honed my skills in photography. I am a self-taught student in darkroom processing and astrophotography. I added to my photographic knowledge while capturing images through my 11 inch telescope housed in my home built observatory. Over the years I developed my photographic skills and accumulated in excess of 10,000, 35mm slides from my travels. I always retained a special place in my heart for the southwest following a business trip in 1973. Over the years my wife and I took vacation time in the southwest and upon retirement moved west settling in Cave Creek.

I realized my ambition to develop my passion into a commercial enterprise in April of 2005 after prodding from friends and family having seen my work over the years.

The goal of my work is to take the ordinary and transform it into an interesting and vibrant image captured at an instant of time never to be repeated. Using the elements of the environment and my imagination, my images introduce emotion and style into creations for others to enjoy. The viewer is transported to the location and shares the excitement of the moment the same way I did in capturing it. The Southwest offers all the elements nature has to deliver and to capture its many moods and vibrant color palette on a piece of film or a digital chip is for me a wonderful and challenging experience.